Our Mission



I wanted to create a radical approach to anti-aging skin care. For too long it has been the ground of exaggerated claims of forever young ideals, of reversing time, stopping time forever and ever after...

Nobody, and nothing can rewind time, time is and will always be. Why do we need to go against it, fight it, when we should embrace it, as through time we can heal.

Balance can help us avoid premature aging, and bring long term benefits. Aging is part of life; we can age better by taking care of ourselves in a smarter way. To use short cuts, hyper aggressive ingredients, Botox or other surgical means are in no way a long term approach, and it might create skin issues later in life.

 What we propose is to come back to the essentials and only provide what your skin lacks of. We created a botanical compound based on oriental plants used in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is not for those looking for a short-term solution for their issues; it’s a long-term approach to be healthy and balanced, in flow with your skin needs. 

We are all aging, so better enjoy each phase of life, as in each of them comes beauty, special experiences, maturity, wisdom and knowledge.